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The Ramsol brand was launched by Quin Global in spring 2020.  Our clear objective was to revolutionise infection control processes by uniting proven efficacy and unprecedented convenience in a single disinfectant system.

Ramsol’s highly effective antibacterial and virucidal formula, coupled with its innovative delivery system, provides businesses and organisations across the globe with a robust and rapid way to eliminate pathogens from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments.  We are extremely proud to say that our product is supporting gold-standard infection control and safeguarding vital business and healthcare operations during a global pandemic.

In 2021 we’ve taken this a step further with the launch of VIRONEX, a Ramsol product geared specifically towards clinical and public sector applications.  Boasting six BS EN validations and supreme efficacy that eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (including C. diff), the VIRONEX system is specifically designed for fast, simple cleaning and enhanced decontamination of medical environments, emergency vehicles and other high-risk public settings.

Please note Ramsol UK products are not available in the USA

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