We specialise in continuous mist spray disinfectants offering broad spectrum efficacy and total convenience for clinical, industrial and commercial environments

Active Biocide
Spray Mist Sanitiser
and Disinfectant

Broad Spectrum Clinical
Disinfectant for Medical

Next Generation Hygiene

Ramsol’s highly effective antibacterial and virucidal formula helps businesses and organisations across the globe to eliminate pathogens from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments, protecting their customers and staff against infection while minimising disruption and downtime.

VIRONEX is geared specifically towards clinical applications and boasts six BS EN validations for supreme efficacy that eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (including C. diff). The VIRONEX system is specifically designed for fast, simple cleaning and enhanced decontamination of medical environments, emergency vehicles and other high-risk public settings.

Ramsol and its sister brand VIRONEX are continuous mist disinfectant systems developed by Quin Global, based on our specific expertise in spray application technology.

Please note Ramsol UK products are not available in the USA

Broad spectrum clinical disinfectant cleaner for high-risk environments

VIRONEX has been specifically developed to meet the needs of IPC and domestic services teams in healthcare settings and delivers fast, effective decontamination in a simple, zero waste format.

Rapid, easy application

Kills 99.999% of pathogens, inc. C.diff

Zero wipe, zero waste

Effective stage 2 decontamination

Active biocidal spray disinfectant for commercial & industrial use

Ramsol is designed for safe and simple application across an almost limitless array of environments, for superior hygiene that won’t disrupt operational activities.

Rapid, easy application

Exclusion time <10 minutes

Food safe & 100% portable

Ideal for large surface areas

We believe simple hygiene is sustainable hygiene. Our BS EN-approved disinfectant spray systems are designed for ultimate convenience and efficacy that’s perfectly adapted to both clinical and non-clinical environments.

To find out more about how Ramsol can improve
hygiene and efficiency in your business

To find out more about how Ramsol can improve hygiene and efficiency in your business

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We’re very proud that our brands have been adopted into the hygiene processes of
many global household names in health, travel, logistics and commercial.

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