5 ways Ramsol can support staycation tourism

Summer is almost upon us but even with the UK’s vaccine programme in full swing, new variants of SARS-Cov-2 mean there’s still a lot of uncertainty around the holiday season – even the weather doesn’t know what it’s doing!

We still don’t know whether international travel will be allowed to happen freely this summer, and even if it is, many people have already made the decision to err on the side of caution by staying put – resulting in massive demand for the UK’s domestic tourist industry.

This is great news in many ways – staycation tourism is projected to inject more than £7 billion into an industry that’s been brought to its knees over the last 12 months.  But in order to boost consumer confidence and ensure we avoid further localised outbreaks of the virus, it’s important that tourist accommodation, attractions and resorts have a solid infection control strategy in place this summer – and Ramsol is here to help!

Holiday hygiene challenges

All the things we love to do on holiday – staying in hotels, meals in restaurants, drinks at the bar, amusement parks with the kids – carry a risk in terms of surface contamination that will need to be addressed by frequent, thorough decontamination of any and all surfaces that the public comes into contact with.  This presents a big challenge for tourism providers, whether it’s individual Air BnBs, huge hotel chains or independently-run hospitality businesses – regular disinfection is a time-consuming task to add to an already long list.

What the tourism industry needs this summer is a way to keep on top of Covid-19 that slots effortlessly into their day-to-day operations, facilitating fast and effective disinfection of all surfaces, with minimal disruption.

Ramsol offers a simple, cost effective solution that’s easy for any business to implement and safe to use in any setting.  Here are five key benefits that make Ramsol the perfect partner for UK tourism this summer:

  1. Fast

Ramsol is supplied in a pre-pressurised canister with a simple hose and gun for continuous spray application.  There’s no mixing, filling or wiping down – simply spray and leave to kill 99.999% of pathogens in minutes.  It’s ideal for large surface areas including walls, floors, doors, handrails and seating areas, and makes accommodation turnovers a breeze.

  1. Easy

Ramsol is a low-tech system that doesn’t require any special training or equipment, making it easy to implement in businesses of all sizes.  The canister comes on a wheeled trolley for easy manoeuvring, and the system doesn’t require a power supply – so no need to plug in, and no trailing wires.  Operators can move easily in and around any space, wearing only basic PPE during the application process.

  1. Convenient

Ramsol’s unique spray density is designed to give excellent surface coverage that falls out of suspension and dries quickly.  This means there is no need to exclude people from the space for long periods of time – unlike electrostatic fogging, for example, which has an exclusion period of up to six hours.  Simply spray surfaces with Ramsol, leave for ten minutes, and you’re ready to go again – the system slots effortlessly into your daily routine for total peace of mind with minimal disruption.

  1. Food safe

Ramsol’s formula is approved to BS EN 1274 which means it’s safe to use in food preparation areas.  This makes it an ideal choice for all hotel, restaurant, bar, food kiosk and mobile food service applications, which are a cornerstone of the UK’s tourist industry.

  1. Use anywhere

SARS-CoV-2 can live on any surface, anywhere, so tourist and hospitality businesses need a disinfectant that’s not limited to one kind of environment.  Ramsol can be used indoors or outdoors with the same superior germ-killing performance.  It’s safe to use on any surface, including soft furnishings, carpets and textiles, and the system is non-flammable, meaning it’s ideal for use around vehicles and machinery – including those seafront amusements we all love!

2021 may not turn out to be the summer we were all hoping for, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great.  The UK has so much to offer, and with Ramsol we can all get out there and explore it with confidence.  

To find out more about how Ramsol can benefit your tourism or hospitality business this summer and beyond, get in touch!