Scientifically-proven formulations combined with unrivalled expertise in high volume spray application.

What We Do

The Ramsol & VIRONEX brands are built on the belief that effective, sustainable disinfection must also be simple.

Existing large surface disinfection methods often fall down on basic points – they’re too labour intensive, there’s too much room for human error, they’re hazardous, wasteful and they disrupt the day-to-day operations of the organisations they’re supposed to help.

Drawing on our years of expertise in spray application technology, we have adapted our technology and identified formulations that facilitate fast, safe, efficient disinfection across a wide range of sectors.

Hygiene Innovation

Launched in 2020, Ramsol’s highly effective biocidal formula and innovative delivery system provides organisations across the globe with a rapid, robust way to eliminate pathogens from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

Created soon after, VIRONEX is a Ramsol product tailored specifically for clinical use.  Boasting six BS EN validations and proven efficacy, the VIRONEX system is specifically designed for fast, simple cleaning and decontamination of medical environments, emergency vehicles and other high-risk public settings.

To find out more about how Ramsol can improve
hygiene and efficiency in your business

To find out more about how Ramsol can improve hygiene and efficiency in your business

Our Brands

Ramsol and VIRONEX are uniquely adapted to meet the specific needs of two very different sectors: commercial and industrial environments, and clinical or medical settings.

VIRONEX: Broad Spectrum Clinical Disinfectant Cleaner

Developed for use in clinical settings, VIRONEX offers a simple solution for routine cleaning and terminal disinfection, reducing the burden on staff while maximising efficiency in busy departments.

BS 1276 / 1650 / 14476 / 13697 / 16615 / 16777

Kills 99.999% of pathogens

Virucidal, Antibacterial & Sporicidal (C.diff)

Zero wipe

Low Surface Absorbency

Minimises downtime

Ramsol: Biocidal Spray Mist Sanitiser & Disinfectant

Ramsol makes it easy for businesses and facility managers to keep on top of infection control without expensive systems, complex training or operational disruption.

BS 1276 / 1650 / 14476

Antibacterial & Virucidal


No power supply needed

Spray & leave – no need to wipe

Short exclusion time

Brands we work with

We’re very proud that our brands have been adopted into the hygiene processes of
many global household names in health, travel, logistics and commercial.

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