Back to work worries? Not with Ramsol

For the first time in over a year, people all over the UK are feeling a real sense of hope that we’ve turned a corner in the coronavirus pandemic.

We can see our loved ones again, shops are reopening, day trips and nights out are back on the menu – and of course, many of us are returning to the workplace for the first time after months holed up in our home offices.  

Returning to the office brings a mixed bag of emotions – for starters, many of us have enjoyed the flexibility that working from home brings to our personal and family lives, and may be looking to split our time between home and office in future.  But there’s no denying that returning to a professional setting with proper tea breaks, office banter and no domestic distractions is also a welcome prospect.

Back to work anxiety

Returning to work will also bring anxiety for many.  From using public transport, to sharing space and facilities with lots of other people, the things we often do as part of our working day are the ones we’ve been told to avoid for many months.  For employers, there’s a very real worry that outbreaks in the workplace could still occur, putting lives and business operations in jeopardy.

What employers and employees need right now is to have confidence that their workplaces are safe to return to – and that means keeping on top of hygiene. 

While coronavirus is on the wane, infection control measures like hand washing, disinfection and social distancing are here to stay.  Using Ramsol for workplace disinfection offers a seamless and highly effective solution that won’t disrupt your working day.  Ramsol is designed for rapid, unobtrusive disinfection that allows hygiene processes to fade into the background – this can be really helpful for minimising anxiety around hygiene and infection risk, while simultaneously providing robust protection.

Easy and effective

Ramsol is supplied in two formats.  Our 500ml aerosols are ideal for individual use in vehicles or at workstations, while our 22-litre canisters provide up to 1000m2 of disinfectant coverage suitable for any environment.  Applied using a simple spray wand and nozzle, the canister system is pre-pressurised and requires no power supply, so it’s ideal for use on public transport networks and in tricky indoor environments such as lifts and stairwells.

Ramsol delivers a continuous mist spray which gives excellent coverage on horizontal or vertical surfaces, and is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi in under five minutes.  Approved to three BS EN standards, it’s suitable for use on all surfaces including vinyl, textiles and metal and can therefore be used to decontaminate anything from walls, floors and handrails to furniture and equipment. 

The Ramsol spray nozzle is designed to create an optimised, 20-micron mist that drops out of suspension in seconds and dries fast, which means there’s no need for long exclusion times – staff can reoccupy the space in just ten minutes and get on with their day.  This rapid turnaround time also reduces the risk of surface contamination because you can carry out large surface disinfection during working hours – something that isn’t usually possible with methods like electrostatic fogging, which has a long exclusion time.

Ramsol is a really simple system for any workplace to implement.  Whether you work with a facilities management company, have your own cleaning team in-house, or you’re a small business that does your own cleaning, it’s easy to use without any advanced training, preparation or equipment.  Simply spray and leave to banish germs and give back-to-work worries the heave-ho!

To find out more about Ramsol and your safe return to the workplace, get in touch.