Controlling C.diff in open plan spaces20210713213158

Controlling C.diff in open plan spaces

July 13, 2021VIRONEX
Clostridium Difficile, or C.diff as it’s more commonly referred to, is a major challenge right across the NHS.  Most commonly...
Banish wipe woes with VIRONEX20210707065125

Banish wipe woes with VIRONEX

July 7, 2021VIRONEX
At one time, wipes seemed like the perfect solution for clinical hygiene.  They’re quick and easy to use, they’re already imp...
Keeping staff safe with VIRONEX20210623073118

Keeping staff safe with VIRONEX

June 23, 2021VIRONEX
Safety in the workplace is nothing new for employers, but since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic it’s taken on a whol...
Sanitising your CT scanner20210616135148

Sanitising your CT scanner

June 16, 2021VIRONEX
Computerised tomography scanning (CT scanning) has revolutionised medical diagnostics since it was first developed in the 197...
Tackling C.diff with VIRONEX20210609075953

Tackling C.diff with VIRONEX

June 9, 2021VIRONEX
When we go into hospital, we expect that the treatments we receive there will make us feel better.  But for a distressing num...
Changing the game for IPC professionals20210602111845

Changing the game for IPC professionals

June 2, 2021VIRONEX
Working in infection prevention and control (IPC) within the NHS has always carried huge responsibility, centred around the p...
So simple, it’s genius20210527131712

So simple, it’s genius

May 27, 2021VIRONEX
Ask anybody who works in the NHS what’s the one thing they wish they had more of at work, and you’re almost guaranteed to get...
Sharing knowledge on the future of hospital IPC20210514073524

Sharing knowledge on the future of hospital IPC

May 14, 2021VIRONEX
Covid-19 has disrupted countless planned events over the past year and it’s been no different here at VIRONEX, where many of ...
What VIRONEX means for hospital cleaners20210512073824

What VIRONEX means for hospital cleaners

May 12, 2021VIRONEX
Hospital IPC teams are the people at the coal face of infection control – a role that until recently, was often underapprecia...
Why surface absorption matters20210430113318

Why surface absorption matters

April 30, 2021VIRONEX
When we talk about the safety of disinfectants in healthcare environments, we’re often referring to their safety in use and w...