Our vision is to revolutionise infection control across a wide range of industries by uniting proven efficacy and unrivalled convenience.

Ramsol & VIRONEX are supplied in pre-pressurised, non-flammable canisters with a wheeled trolley and a spray applicator wand for supreme convenience.  The systems don’t require a power supply so they are 100% portable, safe to use and easy to store in any environment. Continuous mist sprays provide excellent surface coverage for large and small surface areas as well as cramped or awkward spaces.

Our 20-micron spray density has been specifically designed to give superior coverage that penetrates into nooks and crannies while also delivering low surface absorption, a fast-drying time and a short exclusion period.  For the user, this means minimal disruption, maximum convenience and total peace of mind on hygiene.

Our brands are built with a clear vision in mind: to eliminate disease-causing pathogens quickly, effectively and simply.

Ramsol® is an active biocide specifically designed for surface disinfection in commercial, industrial and retail environments.

VIRONEX is a broad spectrum, continuous mist clinical disinfectant cleaner.

Ramsol delivers full surface coverage for effective disinfection of large or difficult-to-reach surfaces. The ‘spray and leave’ formula dries fast for safe, effective hygiene that frees up human resources and makes infection control processes more efficient. The system can go anywhere – factory floors, underground rail networks, aircraft – with no need to plug in, no hazardous trailing leads and no risk of combustion.

Designed to offer simplicity, reliability and convenience in use, VIRONEX delivers superior surface coverage that dries quickly with no need to wipe down and no lengthy exclusion times.  The VIRONEX system is perfectly adapted for enhanced cleaning and terminal disinfection in clinical settings, for superior infection control and minimal downtime.

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