Outdoor disinfection for summer attractions

A hot and sunny bank holiday weekend in the UK has resulted in scenes not witnessed since before the start of the Covid pandemic – a welcome return to normality for many people who took the opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather in the country’s parks, beaches and resorts.

But while we enjoy a little taste of normal life, scientists and doctors are warning that now is no time for complacency – Covid cases are rising again due to the Indian variant, and there’s concern that this could be the start of a third wave.  As a result, we’re being urged to remain vigilant – wear masks, practice good hand hygiene and social distancing, and stay outdoors where possible.

But are outdoor venues safe if they are packed with people?  Being out in the open air reduces the risk of airborne virus transmission significantly – but what about manual transmission via surfaces?  It’s clear that good surface hygiene is just as important for outdoor venues as it is for indoor, but how does this work?

Disinfecting outdoor surfaces

Disinfecting large outdoor surfaces – such as long stretches of handrail, picnic areas and outdoor attractions like amusements – presents some real challenges, and Ramsol offers a practical solution.

First, there’s speed.  Manually wiping down metres and metres of handrail along a pier, for example, just isn’t practical – but with Ramsol, it’s easy and quick to spray down these surfaces.  Ramsol is fast drying with no need to wipe, and kills 99.999% of pathogens in less than five minutes, so it’s easy to sanitise at regular intervals throughout the day.

Next, there’s safety.  It’s widely accepted that disinfection techniques like fogging and fumigation are not suitable for outdoor use.  These systems produce an ultra-fine spray that remains airborne for a long time and is easily carried away on the breeze, which makes it difficult to achieve good surface coverage in an outdoor setting, and also risks causing irritation to the eyes and lungs of people in the vicinity.  Ramsol is a localised spray system that delivers the perfect spray density – light enough to give good surface coverage with no need to wipe, but heavy enough not to linger in the air or get carried away on the wind.

Accessible to all

Last but not least, let’s talk efficacy and convenience.  The tourist industry is gearing up for a busy season and includes a huge array of businesses all trying to cope with new infection control requirements.  From luxury hotels with in-house cleaning teams to sole traders with no backup support, the needs and resources of the sector are wildly diverse.  Ramsol is one of the only systems that can cater for everyone, thanks to its ease of use, proven efficacy and cost-effectiveness.  We’ve designed the Ramsol system to be accessible no matter what your hygiene budget, and it’s simple to operate by one person with no special training required.  Ramsol is approved to three key BS EN standards and certified food safe, so it can be used anywhere, on almost any surface, to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.  So whether you’re sanitising a restaurant or a street food kiosk, a theme park or a tiny amusement arcade, Ramsol’s got you covered this summer!

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