Ramsol® is an active biocide specifically designed for surface disinfection in commercial, industrial and retail environments.

Smart Facility

Simplify your hygiene protocols with Ramsol by taking the elbow grease out of large surface disinfection.  Our easy to use, spray and leave formula dries fast and falls out of suspension in seconds for safe, effective hygiene that frees up human resources and makes infection control processes more efficient.

100% Portability

Ramsol is supplied in a pre-pressurised canister with no propellant so it doesn’t require a power supply and is completely non-flammable.  This means the system can go anywhere – factory floors, underground rail networks, aircraft – with no need to plug in, no hazardous trailing leads and no risk of combustion.


Disinfection can cause major disruption to daily operations – especially if you have to exclude people from treated areas for hours on end.  Ramsol’s localised spray mist has an optimal spray density so it’s safe to use your space after just 10 minutes.  It’s quick and quiet to apply, so it slots almost invisibly into your working day.

Simple disinfection = sustainable disinfection

The Ramsol formula is a proven and highly effective biocide that kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a single application.  Applied in a continuous mist using a pre-pressurised canister or individual aerosol, Ramsol is quick and easy to use, and doesn’t need to be wiped away – simply spray and leave for total convenience.

Ramsol is designed to deliver excellent surface coverage for large, uneven or hard-to reach surfaces, but also dries fast and falls out of suspension quickly so there’s no need to exclude people from treated areas for more than 10 minutes.  It provides businesses with a disinfection system that slots effortlessly into their daily routine, for total peace of mind and minimal disruption.

Ramsol offers a simple, reliable solution for disinfecting large surface areas across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors.

Please note Ramsol UK products are not available in the USA

To find out more about Ramsol

To find out more about Ramsol

Benefits at a glance.

  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria
  • Zero set-up time
  • Approved to BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650 and BS EN 14476
  • 100% portable – no power supply
  • Fast drying
  • Exclusion time <10mins

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