Reduce hospital footfall with easy, in-house disinfection

The past 12 months have changed the face of the NHS forever.  In the face of an unprecedented crisis, the jewel in our nation’s crown responded as we knew it would – with commitment, dedication and a dogged refusal to let SARS-Cov-2 win.

In doing so, the NHS and our doctors and nurses didn’t just save countless lives – they also pushed the entire organisation forward.  A whole decade of progress was made in just a few short months, with rapid strides forward in telemedicine and infection control.

Of course, there were steps backwards too – many people had planned treatments cancelled or postponed, resulting in huge backlogs that the health service will now have to work through.  And with visiting prohibited due to the infection risk, there were heartbreaking stories of families unable to be with their loved ones in their darkest hours.

The rollout of the vaccine brings hope that these scenes will never be repeated, but while we all look forward to the NHS getting back to ‘normal’, it’s not going to look like it did before.  

Advances in digital technology and telemedicine are likely to become a more and more prominent of the NHS in future – they’re convenient for patients, cost-effective for the NHS and crucially, they minimise infection risk for those people that really need to attend hospitals and clinics for assessment or treatment.

Throughout this pandemic the focus has been on keeping unnecessary footfall out of hospitals, and that’s not about to change.

So when Trusts and IPC directors look to the future of hospital disinfection, it makes sense that they should look for systems that can be managed and operated internally, without the need to bring in outside contractors or technical support.  Yet until recently, the only alternatives to labour-intensive manual disinfection were high tech systems that rely heavily on external support.

VIRONEX offers a simple alternative to next-gen disinfection systems, which include technologies like UV and Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV).  

Whilst they are extremely effective, these systems are also highly technical and delicately calibrated.  Staff using these machines require advanced operational and safety training, and the machines themselves must be regularly inspected and serviced to ensure they are working effectively.  HPV in particular is a high-risk technology that must be maintained and operated to very fine tolerances.  All this adds up to extra footfall in the hospital.

With VIRONEX, however, there’s no need for advanced training and the system itself is maintenance-free.  It’s easy to implement within hospitals’ overall IPC strategy, and easy for existing staff to use.

How does VIRONEX work?

VIRONEX is a broad spectrum clinical disinfectant cleaner contained within a unique, pre-pressurised canister system and delivered via a simple spray wand.  Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (including C.diff), VIRONEX is quick and easy to apply to almost any surface, including vinyl, metal and textiles.

For hospitals, the beauty of VIRONEX is its convenience.  Free from alcohol and aldehydes that can damage soft surfaces, using VIRONEX means there’s no need to fully evacuate a hospital room prior to terminal disinfection – beds, furniture and other equipment can be effectively sanitised at the same time in a one-step process that saves precious time and dramatically speeds up cubicle turnovers.

VIRONEX’s unique spray nozzle is optimised to deliver a 20-micron spray mist onto horizontal and vertical surfaces.  This spray density has been carefully engineered for two reasons: it’s light enough to provide excellent, quick-drying surface coverage and thorough disinfection, but heavy enough to fall out of suspension fast, which reduces the exclusion time to less than ten minutes.

100% portable and requiring no external power source, VIRONEX is the ultimate ‘grab and go’ solution for hospital disinfection, providing NHS in-house IPC teams with the kind of accessible, effective and simple tool they need to tackle infection head on – and keep external risks outside the hospital.

To find out more about how VIRONEX can support convenient, infection-secure practices in your Trust or facility, get in touch.