Sharing knowledge on the future of hospital IPC

Covid-19 has disrupted countless planned events over the past year and it’s been no different here at VIRONEX, where many of the things we hoped to do as part of our launch and brand building have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Back in 2020 we were thrilled to be approached by Knowlex, a UK-based international organisation focused on facilitating the sharing of knowledge and best practice among healthcare professionals and government policymakers, with the aim of delivering efficient, effective outcomes for public health and the economy.

Knowlex stumbled across VIRONEX and were immediately enthused by the product’s potential to simplify hospital disinfection.  As an organisation, Knowlex is uniquely positioned to listen to and understand the challenges the NHS has been facing and they immediately identified VIRONEX as a product that could fill the gaps that had emerged due to Covid-19’s demands on IPC teams.  

As a result, they invited us to sponsor their annual Infection Prevention and Control Annual Conference, which was supposed to take place last month in the NEC, Birmingham. 

2021 is first year that this event was due to take place across two days, with some 500 healthcare delegates in attendance for a range of presentations and discussions around outbreak management, improving hand hygiene, and decontamination/cleaning protocols, against the backdrop of a global pandemic in which hygiene became a life or death necessity.

Unfortunately, the event was unable to go ahead due to the restrictions and although we’re really disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to network with so many healthcare influencers and demonstrate the game-changing potential of the VIRONEX system, all is not lost!

Knowledge sharing

We’re still waiting for a date to be confirmed for the rescheduled conference – hopefully in the Autumn – but while we wait, we’ve had lots of opportunities to network with the people at Knowlex and this has been a really beneficial experience.  We’ve had lots of discussions with their expert team and we’ve been really encouraged by their enthusiasm around VIRONEX as well as their unique insight into its potential value for hospital IPC teams, which is based on their knowledge of the real challenges being faced within the NHS.

We’ve had the opportunity to feature in the Knowlex newsletter, putting VIRONEX in front of many industry movers and shakers, and we’ll shortly be appearing on their blog too.  We’ve also featured in a promotional pack that’s been sent out to all the delegates who were due to attend the conference in person, and we’re looking forward to meeting many of these people when the event is finally able to go ahead.  

We’re delighted to be working with Knowlex to raise awareness around the importance of decontamination protocols that are not just effective but also convenient, which in turn makes them sustainable for the long-term.  For updates on the Infection Prevention and Control Annual Conference, visit or keep an eye on the VIRONEX social media channels.