So simple, it’s genius

Ask anybody who works in the NHS what’s the one thing they wish they had more of at work, and you’re almost guaranteed to get the same answer – time.

Time is one of the NHS’s most precious resources, and over the past year there hasn’t been nearly enough of it.  It’s clear that anything that gives healthcare professionals more time to care for patients – whether that’s freeing up human resources or more physical infrastructure – is a worthwhile consideration.

In creating VIRONEX, we listened closely to healthcare and IPC professionals to understand what’s been going on in hospitals as they grappled with a global pandemic.  It became clear pretty quickly that the burden of disinfection, coming on top of massive demand for admissions, was overwhelming, in some cases slowing departments down and leaving staff feeling burnt out.  

As a result, many NHS Trusts began searching in earnest for a new generation of disinfectant system, to replace manual decontamination and take some of the strain off their IPC and Domestic Services teams.  What they found, however, was a range of high-tech systems that were equally labour intensive.  We knew there had to be a simpler way – and VIRONEX was born.

Simple, sustainable hygiene

From the wheel to the paper clip, some of the simplest ideas are also the biggest game changers and indeed, we’ve heard this term used by NHS IPC professionals to describe VIRONEX!  We believe disinfection shouldn’t be a long, laborious or complicated procedure – in fact, the quicker and simpler it can be, the more likely it is to be implemented regularly and properly, to ensure better results.

VIRONEX strips away all the barriers to disinfection and makes it easy to effectively complete a terminal decontamination or stage 2 deep clean in a short amount of time.

Supplied in a pre-pressurised, non-flammable canister, VIRONEX is easy to store so it’s always at hand when you need it.  There’s no measuring or mixing involved, so personnel are not exposed to concentrated chemicals and there’s no margin for error.  To use, simply grab and go using the wheeled trolley to take the canister to the point of need.

VIRONEX is a broad spectrum, continuous fine mist disinfectant that’s applied direct to surface with no need to wipe down.  It’s safe for use on all surface materials and won’t fade, stain or dry out, even on vinyls and textiles.  As a localised spray, VIRONEX is designed to give excellent surface coverage that drops out of suspension quickly, for minimal exclusion times and maximum safety for people.  And crucially, it kills 99.999% of pathogens, with BS EN accreditations to prove its effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, including C.difficile.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one.  We believe VIRONEX has answers to all the questions IPC and domestic cleaning teams are asking right now – questions like ‘how can we speed up cubicle turnarounds?’ ‘How can we avoid having to empty rooms before cleaning?’ ‘How can we minimize disruption to clinical care?’ and ‘How can we improve infection control without massively increasing costs?’.

VIRONEX is simple to implement and simple to use – making it a sustainable addition to your long-term infection control strategy.  For further information about VIRONEX or to arrange a call with a member of our team, get in touch.