The beautiful game: hygiene for sports stadiums

There’s a real sense of hope in the UK right now.  After a year of lockdowns and bad news piled on top of bad news, the country’s vaccination programme has been a huge success so far and promises a way out of a nightmare that has dominated our lives for too long.

Of course, there’s still some uncertainty about how quickly we can get back to normal.  Experts are warning that measures like handwashing and social distancing may be a feature of our lives for years to come, and there are concerns about international travel, especially given that cases on the continent are continuing to rise.

But here at home, there’s a real sense of anticipation that things will start to reopen soon and as we look forward to warmer weather, there have already been some provisional announcements around outdoor events such as music festivals and sporting fixtures.

Sanitising stadiums is tricky

Sports stadiums are the focus for a lot of typical weekend leisure across the UK, with fans piling into the stands to cheer on their beloved football or rugby team, or even to attend an outdoor concert by their favourite music artist.  

Outdoor venues like these will likely be among the first to reopen – because they’re open to the elements, the risk of viral transmission is much lower than in indoor settings.  But nevertheless, stadiums are massive venues with vast expanses of surface that could potentially be contaminated – key areas like folding chairs, hand rails, hot food stands and public conveniences.

Management companies tasked with maintaining infection-secure hygiene in these venues face a mammoth task – and not just because of the sheer size of a typical stadium or arena.  These are awkward locations, with thousands of stairs and lots of narrow spaces that are tricky to navigate with cumbersome hygiene equipment, particularly those that require a power supply.

Ramsol makes it simple

Ramsol offers a speedy and simple solution.  Ramsol is a broad-spectrum antibacterial and virucidal disinfectant that’s safe for use both indoors and out, and highly convenient – just spray and leave to kill 99.999% of germs.

Ramsol’s pre-pressurised 22-litre canister requires no propellant and no power supply, making it 100% portable for over 750m2 of disinfectant coverage – anywhere, any time.  It’s also non-flammable and straightforward to store.

Your Ramsol canister can be mounted on a wheeled trolley with a handle so it’s easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces – travelling down between rows of folding seats is a breeze since there are no trailing wires or leads to get in the way, and the system is lightweight enough to carry safely on stairwells.  

Ramsol is applied using a simple spray wand and hose which delivers a fine, 22-micron spray onto virtually any horizontal or vertical surface, including vinyls, textiles and metal.  The spray density has been cleverly engineered to offer optimal coverage even in tricky areas, while also drying fast – and unlike other technologies which leave a disinfectant vapour hanging in the air for hours, Ramsol falls out of suspension almost instantly, so there’s no need to exclude people from the space for long periods.  It’s ideally suited for outdoor applications because unlike fog-type vapours, it’s a localised spray that won’t get carried away on the breeze.

No extra time wrestling with leads and wires, no stoppages while you wait for the system to recharge – with Ramsol your hygiene team can simply grab and go.  The system is cost-effective and time saving, which means less time worrying about germs and more time enjoying the big game!

To learn more about how Ramsol works smarter for football clubs and sports arenas, get in touch!