Up and away without delay

For the majority of people, the hassle of quarantine and the risk of finding themselves in an amber or red list country halfway through their holiday has made staying on home soil a more sensible option this year.

But other intrepid holidaymakers have opted to take a gamble in return for feeling some hot sunshine on their bones – and who could blame them?  As the summer goes on – and especially if big events like Wimbledon and the European Championships pass off without a Covid-related hitch – then it’s very likely that the travel industry will see more and more people jetting to foreign shores for a long-awaited break.

For airlines, this is great news – but it comes with a responsibility.  As passenger numbers increase and travel schedules get busier, it will become more challenging to stay on top of hygiene, and even more vital to do so.

Pre-pandemic, cabin crews typically had around 30 minutes to turn around an aircraft cabin before taking to the skies again.  That’s 30 minutes to restock food carts, pick up leftover rubbish, mop up spills, sanitise toilets and be ready to welcome a new batch of passengers.  Thanks to Covid-19, they now have to factor in sanitising touchpoints within the cabin, too – that’s overhead lockers, arm rests, tray tables, window blinds and more.

Wiping down these surfaces manually is a laborious job with significant potential for oversights – but the alternative is electrostatic fogging, which requires a lengthy exclusion time that can keep aircraft on the tarmac for hours before passengers are safe to embark.

Ramsol offers a quick and practical solution that’s perfectly tailored to the needs of airlines both in the aircraft themselves, and inside the terminal.

Safe & convenient

Because Ramsol is supplied in a pre-pressurised, non-flammable canister, it’s easy to move around and requires no power supply.  This makes it convenient for use in the narrow confines of an aircraft cabin, and easy to apply in awkward spaces in and around rows of seat.  It’s also safe and easy to store on the stand or inside the terminal building.  

Ramsol delivers an optimised, 20-micron spray that’s safe for use on hard and soft surfaces, with minimum absorption and a short exclusion time.  This means staff can effectively sanitise both hard and soft surfaces, including vinyls and upholstery, with no need to wipe down.  Ramsol dries quickly, won’t soak into soft furnishings, and falls out of suspension fast – it’s safe to welcome passengers on board just ten minutes after application.

Ramsol reduces the burden on cleaning staff and cabin crew – it’s easy to apply using the simple spray wand, which reduces reaching and bending and eliminates laborious wiping.  It has a pleasant citrus aroma, which leaves the cabin smelling fresh and clean and creates a great first impression for passengers.

Of course, Ramsol is ideally suited to use inside the terminal too – it’s perfect for sanitising hand rails, seating areas, escalators and travelators, lifts, dining areas and much more.  It’s approved to three BS EN standards, and suitable for food preparation areas, with proven effectiveness against bacteria, viruses and fungi.  The product is already in use by baggage handlers at some of the UK’s busiest airports.

Most importantly, Ramsol delivers the speed and convenience the airline industry needs to get back to normal, while also providing the visual reassurance and proven performance passengers will demand as they return to travelling in a post-pandemic world.

To find out more, or to request a product demonstration, get in touch!