Welcoming back the Arts with Ramsol

Theatres and cinemas across England are permitted to reopen this week (May 17) in what is a significant and very welcome step forward in the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions.

The Arts sector right across the UK has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.  Many of the artists, actors, musicians and crew that make live shows and performances possible are self-employed freelancers whose work dried up overnight when Covid-19 hit – so the sooner those theatres and other venues can be filled to capacity again, the better for the recovery of their livelihoods.

For now, restrictions on capacity remain in place, but the Government has pledged to accelerate England’s emergence from lockdown as much as is practical, with the possibility that indoor venues could be back to full capacity by the end of June.  For this to happen, it’s vital that everything is done to stop the spread of the virus, with testing and hygiene forming the pillars of this strategy.

Cinemas, theatres and concert venues all have one thing in common that can make disinfection a real challenge: tiered seating.  Row after row of folding chairs represent an absolutely vast surface area with lots of awkward nooks and crannies where bacteria and viruses can hide.  It’s almost impossible to adequately disinfect these spaces manually, using trigger sprays and cloths, which is why many venues are searching for a more practical solution.

Ramsol offers an ideal solution for any venue with tiered seating because of its uniquely portable design, and safe, effective formulation.

Supplied in a pre-pressurised canister that doesn’t require electricity, Ramsol can deliver up to 1000 square metres of coverage from a single canister, in almost any location.  Since there’s no need to plug in, there are no trailing leads or wires which can be cumbersome and indeed dangerous when working on stairways and between narrow rows of tiered seating.  Unlike some other cordless systems, there’s no need to recharge either – you can treat any size interior in a single swoop, simply switching to a fresh canister for larger surface areas as needed.

Ramsol is also safe – an important consideration for venues and for people.  The system is non-flammable, making it easy and safe to store.  The formula itself is approved for use on all surfaces, so it’s fine to use on upholstered seating, vinyl flooring and wooden handrails, and won’t cause any damage or fading to these finishes.

Our system has been cleverly engineered for maximum efficiency in use.  The spray nozzle delivers a 20-micron spray that is perfectly weighted for superior surface coverage with a rapid drying time.  There’s no need to wipe down – simply spray and leave to kill 99.999% of pathogens in less than 5 minutes!  The spray also falls out of suspension quickly, unlike other systems which may require people to be excluded from the space for up to six hours, with Ramsol this time is reduced to just ten minutes.  It’s ideal for sanitising between shows, helping venues to turn around quickly for maximum profits even while audience numbers are restricted.

We’re the land of Shakespeare, Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Beatles – the Arts are part of who we are and it’s wonderful to see this sector reopening.  With Ramsol, we can make sure it’s for good!

To find out more about how Ramsol can work for large and complex indoor venues, get in touch.