What VIRONEX means for hospital cleaners

Hospital IPC teams are the people at the coal face of infection control – a role that until recently, was often underappreciated by members of the public despite being absolutely vital for the safe running of every single hospital department.

Cleaning teams are a key line of defence against the spread of infections that can make people seriously ill when they’re in hospital – especially those that prey on the already vulnerable, and highly virulent diseases like Covid-19 that can quickly bring entire facilities to their knees.

Over the past 12 months, hospital IPC teams have come under immense strain due to a massive uplift in the intensity, scope and frequency of disinfection required to address the specific challenges of SARS-Cov-2.  

This novel virus has put paid to the idea of ‘low risk’ environments within the hospital, since every single surface and touchpoint has the potential to be contaminated, allowing the virus to travel easily.  It’s so infectious and so unpredictable that no location and no individual can be considered truly low risk.  As a result, hospital cleaners have had to clean more widely, more thoroughly and more often than ever before.

IPC staff are exhausted

This additional demand has placed IPC resources – including human resources – under stress.  IPC personnel themselves have been on the front lines and like medical staff, many are suffering from burnout and trauma as a result of putting their own health at risk daily to safeguard others.  

It’s become very clear that hospitals need to identify less labour-intensive methods that facilitate broad spectrum, large surface clinical disinfection.  Simplifying and speeding up disinfection processes reduces fatigue among IPC staff which minimises the risk of human error and makes high-level hygiene procedures much more sustainable in the long term – which they will need to be.

It’s understandable that hospital IPC directors are looking to high-tech solutions to help them achieve the very highest level of hygiene while also reducing the burden on staff.  But some of these high-tech methods – such as hydrogen peroxide vapour and UV disinfection – bring with them a whole other set of complications that can cause disruption to departments and potentially put staff and patients at risk.

VIRONEX is designed to make large-scale hospital disinfection simple, removing common barriers to infection control associated with other methods.

Clinical disinfection, simplified

VIRONEX is a ‘spray and leave’ system that uses a pressurised canister to deliver a fine mist disinfectant spray onto any surface, at any angle.  It’s approved to six key BS EN standards and proven effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores, including C.diff.  Unlike many other hospital disinfectants which must be manually wiped on and off, VIRONEX boasts an optimised spray density that kills 99.999% of pathogens in a single application and dries rapidly with no need to wipe.  

VIRONEX is free from alcohol and aldehydes so it won’t damage vinyl, textiles or metal.  It vastly reduces the burden on IPC staff during application since they don’t need to empty rooms before application, and can use the system to disinfect everything from floors and walls to furniture and even clinical equipment in a single step.  

VIRONEX is a ready-to-use product, so there’s no hassle with measuring water and liquids or granules, and there are none of the eye-watering fumes often associated with chlorine-based manual disinfectants. Staff love the ‘grab and go’ format, which makes terminal disinfection and cubicle turnovers faster and simpler, helping departments to run more smoothly.

VIRONEX is low tech – there’s no specialist training required to operate the system and nothing to go wrong, therefore zero maintenance.  Unlike HPV and UV, there’s no need to tape up air inlets or ventilation and there’s minimal exclusion time – VIRONEX is designed to fall out of suspension quickly so that treated areas can be reoccupied in just 10 minutes.

Overall, VIRONEX just makes life easier for IPC staff – and in turn clinicians – to get on with their work unimpeded by complicated technology or labour-intensive manual disinfection, resulting in reduced fatigue for them, and better hygiene for healthcare facilities.

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